Fish Addicts - Langley bC

It’s not just a fish store, it’s practically a zoo! 

Fish Addicts is a family owned and operated aquatic pet store business rising from the depths of a lifelong obsession.  The owner, Eric Baggs, has had aquariums since he was practically in diapers.  His passion for fish showed as he ran as many as 60 tanks from his home before deciding it was time to create his own business.

Fish Addicts has been open since May 2015, and already has more fish species,  more corals and more tanks than any other aquarium store in British Columbia.  By the end of 2020, we expect to have nearly 1000 tanks.

Some of the greatest selection of marine fish/corals & fresh water fish/plants you'll find!

We are different.  When you come into Fish Addicts, expect to treated like family (in a good way).  Our very knowledgeable staff will help you choose the right fish for what you want.

BTW - it's not just the owner who loves their work. If you look closely, you can sometimes see small gills growing on our staff!

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