Fresh Water Aquarium Plants

Yep, we've got tanks and tanks of aquatic plants.  Hundreds of plants for that perfect tank - usually more than 100 varieties.

Aquatic plants can make for a great aquarium - you don't even need fish.  Think of it as an underwater garden.  If you are looking for a low maintenance, different feeling aquarium, one that doesn't need daily feeding, then perhaps a planted aquarium is right for you.

Some of the aquatic plant families we carry at Fish Addicts include:

  • Alternanthera(s)
  • Aglaoenma(s)
  • Ammania(s)
  • Armoracia(s)
  • Anubias(s)
  • Aponogeton(s)
  • Bacopa(s)
  • Barclaya(s)
  • Cabomba(s)
  • Cryptocorn(s)
  • Echinodorus(s)
  • Elodea(s)
  • Hygrophilia(s)
  • Limobium(s)
  • Ludwiga(s)
  • Syngonium(s)
  • Trapa(s)
  • Synnema(s)
  • Vallisneria(s)
  • Sagittaria(s)
  • Myriophyllum(s)
  • Nuphar(s)
  • Rotala(s)
  • Nymphaea(s)
  • Ophiopogon(s)
  • Microsorium(s)
  • Mentha(s)
  • Nitella(s)
  • Limnophilia(s)
  • Glossostigma(s)
  • Aponogeton(s)

Choosing The Right Aquarium Plants

Think about what look you want for your aquatic garden, the amount of time you want to spend setting it up, and the level of maintenance you are prepared to put in to maintain your plants.  

Factors to consider will include plant substrate ("soil"), lighting, and general conditions (eg pH) required by each of the plants you want in your aquarium.

Got any questions, come by Fish Addicts, have a look at all our plants and ask us questions.  We are located just off the Bypass in Langley.